Acoustic music for your special event

 2018 was a rough year for us as a band. Early in our season, our esteemed bandmate, Frank Bouchard was injured in an automobile accident and while his injuries were not life threatening, it was determined that he was unable to continue playing. We will miss Frank's fun loving spirit and musicianship. While we search for a band mate with Frank's abilities, Pete, Joel and I are hanging in and rehearsing our favorite songs in hopes of performing once again as a whole band in the Spring of 2019.
What makes us special?
1. We customize our music just for you based on your favorites. We work with you before the event to insure satisfaction.
2. We are a very experienced band with a large collection of popular acoustic music which we have played on all types of stages including parade floats and tree houses. 
3. You will love our prices!!!! We are flexible and can offer several cost packages to fit your budget.

Don't forget to check out other pages on this web site to see who we are and where we have journeyed over the years.

 So give us a call at 508 942 4785 and ask for Charlie to get your date inked in so we can start rehearsing your favorite songs for your special day.



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